1. Why not just flip a coin at 6-all? That would shorten the matches. How would you like to be watching your son “Johnny” play. It’s 4 all in the second set and the match is stopped based on the clinched rule. Does this mean that you should teach you kids to run on changes of side in hopes they can complete their matches before stopped? Are spectators really in this big a hurry to leave college matches? Why doesn’t the NCAA make make football more fan friendly by requiring no huddle offenses or adopting for baseball a two strikes and your out rule? This is an insult to college tennis and the athletes that participate in the sport.

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    When reading about the NCAA, I came across your offer here (nice job! :) ) and I realized the link to backhandwinnertennis.net (Former College Players Proving Straight-to-Pro Not Always the Best Option for Tennis Hopefuls) is down, as we had also linked to their website in one of our recent articles on our blog (http://www.smarthlete.com/blog).
    I thought you may want to remove the URL from your article.

    Given your passion for the Miami Hurricanes, we had another article about former college players competing in the Australian Open qualifying, including Michael Russell. This might be of interest to you in the context of other professionals.

    Looking forward to reading more on your site about college tennis here!



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