How to Hit a Forehand in Tennis

The Forehand is the main shot in a tennis match and surprisingly the first shot that players learn since it comes naturally to many players. When you practice the proper techniques needed, you will develop tremendous shots that will enable you to win a lot of points.

1. Be prepared for the shot – hold the racket with one hand and the other to hold the racket at its throat. When the ball nears the net approaching your wing, open the shoulders and take the racket back. Your legs should be well and comfortably bent.

2. Level your back swing – the racket head should be about the same level as your head while the dominant hand leaves the throat of the racket. Also, lock your wrist so that you can have a smooth and circular movement when you take the racket back. Do not take a long backswing to produce extra power and also remember to be consistent when you are under pressure.

3. Swing through the ball – when the ball is at a distance, hit the ball at a striking range. Use your wrist to help the face keep away from the racket as it comes into contact with the ball. When you exaggerate your swing, the shots might land short which will give your opponent the opportunity to strike back.

4. Remember to follow through – upon impact, extend your arm in front of you, bring the head of the racket to the side of the non-dominant hand to create a windshield wiper finish. Stay balanced and avoid looking up early so that it won’t affect your shot.

5. Don’t change your swing – when you decelerate the racket head during your follow through, the shots might fly out of bounds so don’t shorten so that you don’t find yourself hitting the net. Your swing path should be smooth and continuous from the backswing through to the hits.

6. Don’t move your head – when you control your head movement, it will help you produce a good swing path. Remain focused and always keep your eyes on the ball until your follow through. Don’t keep your head up to see where the ball is going but be steady with your follow through.

If you’re a visual learner or just want to see this swing in action, check out this wonderful video below

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